Converting Your Precious Moments Into Everlasting Ones

In the early 70s, recording of popular events, functions and occasions on a video camera became very popular. Everyone wanted to own a camera and to capture the moments on their cameras so that it can be played back again and again. It is a far better option than a still photographer as you get to recap the events that have gone on during the day. This was a boon to every event manager or a function organizer to check back on how things have gone and also to know if everything was done in a proper way. But the tape on which the videos were recorded had low resolution recording and was analogue in nature. Even though the quality was not up to the mark, every household had a videotape player in their home. Even now there would be many homes having videotape of some of the important occasions.

Problems with tape

There are many different kinds of problems that you will face in the future, when you have the important occasions of your life captured and still living on a tape.

• The humidity, varying temperatures and inapt storing will result in the content getting deteriorated in due course of time.
• The analogue video and audio have every chance of getting corroded as time passes away. The quality of the images will weaken.

• They are quite bulky to carry and also need more storage space.

A very good solution to these problems is to copy VHS to DVD and convert the format of the sound and the moving images into a digitized one. 

Converting into high quality

There is a way of digitizing the memories you have on the videotapes. You can use the services of audio-video solutions provider to copy VHS to DVD and convert it into digital quality. The sound and the quality of the images will be greatly enhanced. The CDs are very easy to transport and carry. You will now be able to transfer the contents in the CD to your website or YouTube or onto your mobile devices. You will enjoy higher picture resolution as well as sound quality. It will move from the analogue version into a digitized one and this will remain as it as for a long time.

No deterioration

Once all your past memories are converted and stored in digitized format on CDs, then the quality of the audio and picture will never get deteriorated as you experience in a magnetic tape. You can also play the CDs in various devices like videodisc players, computers, portable players, etc.


With the use of the latest and cutting-edge transfer technology, the images that are re-recorded can be preserved for many years without any loss of quality.